There were some really interesting stories that came out this week, from Capcom royally screwing up the release of Resident Evil Revelations 2 on PC by failing to include a widely advertised cooperative feature, which was conveniently missing in action by the time the game released, to Nvidia being sued by gamers over falsely advertising the capabilities of the GTX 970. There was a real roller coaster of emotions in the world of interactive entertainment.

One of the most important bits of news was a study revealing exactly why people are flocking to the PlayStation 4. The results might surprise you. Google's new DeepMind experiment can also play games by teaching itself the best ways to victory, and there are a few reviews, previews and big news items covered on the final day of the month in this February 28th, 2015 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Nvidia Sued By Gamers
Now here's a shocking turn of events... Nvidia is being sued by the people who keep them in business, and you'll never guess why. If you've been following the Dreamfall Chapters, you'll be pleased to know that Book Two now has an official release date. Worried about the quality of Everquest Next? Well, the upcoming title may not be free-to-play. A definitive list of five fighting game franchises that are in desperate need of a reboot. Curious how big a visual gap there is between Dark Souls II on PS3 and PS4? Well, conveniently enough there's a comparison right here. EA and Microsoft has a brand new Xbox One console bundle planned for Battlefield Hardline. Believe it or not (and most people would probably choose 'not') Kanye West is making a game. The final bit of DLC for Shadow of Mordor will seriously crank up the difficulty. Nintendo hands out their very own version of the Oscars. There's a Nicolas Cage dating sim game that you'll need to check out like right now. TwitchCon, a convention for all things, will be coming this fall. Gaming Blend has an exclusive interview with the lead voice actor behind the highly popular Dying Light. And Diablo III is getting Microtransactions... ,a href=>in Asia.
GTA V Heist Screenshots Leaked
Everyone wants to get their first glimpse at the new GTA V heists and so here you go... check out these leaked screenshots of the online heists. Sony wants to celebrate the third anniversary of the PS Vita with discounts. If you wanted to play Mortal Kombat X online without PS Plus or Xbox Live, tough luck... that's a no-go. Blizzard, strangely, wants to slow down on Starcraft II. The creators of Darksiders have teased their next game but we won't know what it is until it's officially unveiled. The true story of why a big name in AAA development left the big-budget gaming scene. Driveclub's free PlayStation Plus version may not ever be released. Here's the odd story of how NHL 94' was made. Some of the top games releasing this week on the PlayStation store are games you cannot miss. Check out the first details on the new Titanic game. And here is 30 minutes of footage of The Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun.
Dying Light Special Edition Costs $386,000
Now here's a news story that completely puts the all the other DLC and microtransactions to shame, considering that the special edition of Dying Light costs $386,000. There's a brand new Guitar Hero game in the works due for announcement at E3 2015. Capcom has revealed a new public beta for Street Fighter V and both PC and PS4 gamers can participate. Batman: Arkham Knight was strangely rated 'M' for Mature. The latest update for Final Fantasy XIV has gone live called the “golden saucer”. The latest patch for World of Warcraft has gone live and here's some of the new stuff Blizzard added. A new game inbound for The Hunger Games? It might be happening. A new trailer has arrived for the final piece of DLC for Shadow of Mordor. Rockstar finally gives a date for online heists in GTA V. There's a list of some of the strangest celebrity dating sims around. A new short film for Five Nights At Freddy's and Team Fortress 2 is a must-see. The SteamVR headset is coming sooner than you think... like GDC soon.
Fast & Furious Racing Game Coming... For Free
Yeah you read that right, there's a new Fast & Furious game in the works for home consoles and it's going to be free. Pac-Man is making a return to the spotlight, but this time as a restaurant. Riot Games unveiled the newest character to the stable, a new bard and you can check out the hero right here for League of Legends. An awesome new Batman Arkham Knight trailer released detailing more of the story. Bungie fixes one thing and breaks another in Destiny. Battlefield Hardline has gone gold for all the major consoles and PC. Nvidia's CEO has come out to apologize for the absolute media mess surrounding the GTX 970. The release date for Hotline Miami 2 has been confirmed for March 10th. EA has offered up a 10 hour free trial of Battlefield Hardline for Xbox One owners. And here's why Assassin's Creed's leap of faith would kill you in real life.
Why The PS4 Is So Popular
After an extensive research report it was discovered why the PS4 is so popular. Nintendo is really cleaning house with the Amiibo and they now have a Golden Mario Amiibo figure on the way. You'll definitely want to check out some of the Brutalities for Mortal Kombat X. Fable Legends is free-to-play and you can sign up for the beta right now. The latest Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC has been delayed. Some brand new leaked screenshots of Destiny: House of Wolves have been leaked, check them out right here. Ubisoft went there: there's a Yeti in Far Cry 4. A new review of the latest Zen Pinball content has arrived, detailing the new Heavy Metal tables. A brand new Toejam & Earl game has been announced and it's on Kickstarter right now. And here are the free games for March for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 via the Games For Gold program.
Dragon Ball Xenoverse Review
A brand new review of one of the biggest new Dragon Ball games released in a while. Find out how well it scored. Slender Man: The Arrival is set to arrive for the Xbox One and PS4 at the end of March. The latest screenshots for GTA V showcase the upgrade it received moving to PC. The developers behind Darksiders just unveiled their new game and it's Battlechasers, based on the comic of the same name. That whole fallout regarding Resident Evil Revelations 2's missing co-op feature on PC? Well, yeah, Capcom apologized for it. The latest Hearthstone pack could have been leaked thanks to the newest patch update. You can check out the newest Destiny playlist update right here. Google's DeepMind has managed to learn how to play video games... all on its own. And here's what it looks like playing Halo using Twitch as a controller.
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