What's the next step up from "movie star"? Because that's where we need to classify Dwayne Johnson. The man isn't just blowing up at the multiplex. He's capturing the explosion in a headlock, pile-driving it into the ground, cracking a joke as he does so, then finishing us off with his trademark, 1,000-watt mega-smile. If we're lucky, he'll even arch an eyebrow, just to remind us that this is The Rock's world. We're only renting space for a limited time.

The Rock has numerous movies heading to theaters in the near future. Beyond that, he has attached his name to various projects, all of which sound like they will keep the one-time wrestler and current big-screen phenom in the blockbuster business for years. Because we know that you love The Rock as much as we love The Rock, we've documented the actor's next films... even the ones that have just been announced and are still wading though different forms of development. Which of these are you most interested in seeing? Yes you can answer "all of them" if you so choose.

rampage video game


Until recently, this one felt further off and like more of a pipe dream The Rock still wanted to bring to the big screen, if and when he found the time. Technology likely will have to catch up to Johnson's imagination to pull this one off, but at least Rampage has now been given an official release date. Rampage was an arcade game that had gigantic monsters -- a wolf, an ape and a dinosaur/lizard -- attacking a city and avoiding the military. Players played as the monsters, though I'd assume a Rampage movie would have The Rock defending the city against this onslaught. Director Brad Peyton has already revealed that the film will be "a lot more emotional, a lot scarier and a lot more real than you'd expect," so we'll see how the story for this one evolves as time goes on.

Release date: April 20, 2018

The Rock Skyscraper


After Central Intelligence, director Rawson Marshall Thurber mentioned a pitch he had for a Dwayne Johnson action pic that would cast the hulking lead as a retired FBI badass who now assesses security levels in very tall buildings. While on assignment in China, Rock's character finds himself being framed for a fire set in the skyscraper, and now he has to race time (and overcome obstacles) to free his name and rescue his family. If it sounds like The Rock's Die Hard, well, it is. But Universal believes enough in the concept to give this one a greenlight, and a juicy summer release date.

Release date: July 13, 2018

Fighting With My Family

Fighting With My Family

This one flew under the radar for some time (outside of The Rock's social promotion of it), though it's a surprise because it's right in The Rock's wheelhouse. From what we can tell, Dwayne Johnson will be playing a former wrestler who still tours to small venues and keeps his name in the lights. Now, though, his daughter has her own dreams of fighting in the big leagues, leading to comedic and dramatic developments. Stephen Merchant is writing and directing this one, with Kim Matula, Lena Heady and Vince Vaughn along for the ride.

Release date: September 14, 2018

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