MTV’s not particularly known for its DVD releases. Cult favorites like Daria and weird sideshows like Skins might live on with audiences, but its likely bullshit like Made or My Life as Liz will never repeat see the light of day. Apparently, this doesn’t apply to poorly rated MTV2 fodder, because MTV has announced Savage County for DVD release on May 31.

Savage County was initially a viral campaign that grew popular, was turned into a series and grew even more popular, until it became the winner of the MTV fan “Demand It!” contest. Filmed in Tennessee, the series follows a group of kids who want to pull a prank on the Hardell family, a group of loners that live outside town. The prank turns sour, and soon the kids find themselves fighting for their lives, shitty horror film style. To win the “Demand It!” contest 149,000 little fuckers voted for this way-less-cool-than-Dinoshark nonsense. If you are intrigued at all, check out the trailer below.

The question is: will the 149, 000 who voted for the horror release subsequently buy a copy?

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