From a Comic Con perspective, Ender's Game's release is set up at a pretty great spot. Summit has months to continue to build up buzz for the feature adaptation of the popular sci-fi novel, and SDCC falls closer to the start of that anticipated wave. The studio has already previously debuted the first official trailer for the film, as well as the more recently released propaganda posters. The latest posters were leaked online, and give us a look at some of the characters for the film, including Asa Butterfield as the film's lead character Ender Wiggin, a gifted child recruited to attend a space-set battle school where other kids are training for the expected second war against an alien race.

These unofficially released Ender's Game character posters were shared over at EnderNews, crediting This next one shows us Harrison Ford as Graff, the colonel who's keeping an especially close eye on Ender.

Hailee Steinfeld plays one of Ender's fellow Battle School trainees Petra Arkanian in the film:

Meanwhile, Ben Kingsley plays celebrated soldier from the first war Mazer Rackham. Here he is, looking tattooed and ready for another fight against the Formics if it comes to it.

And finally, we have Viola Davis, who plays Major Gwen Anderson in the film.


These images aren't the finished character posters, so we may see some changes with the officially released posters. I'd also be interested to see if any other characters get their own posters. I'd love to see Aramis Knight as Bean, the small but tremendously intelligent and observant ally of Ender's. Or Moises Arias, who plays Bonzo, one of Ender's Army leaders and not the friendliest character among the kids, to say the least. There's also Abigail Breslin and Jimmy "Jax" Pinchak, who play Ender's older siblings Valentine and Peter Wiggin. But neither of them are in Battle School, which might rule them out for these posters, all of which seem to emphasize the soldier side of this story.

Those fans of the book who are anticipating the movie and attending Comic Con later this month will want to check out the Summit panel and booth at SDCC. More info on that here. Ender's Game arrives in theaters November 1.

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