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First Look At The Live-Action Smurfs

The powers that be have released the first ever, official image from The Smurfs and right off the bat they seem to be trying to make the point that this won’t be set in a world of mushroom huts and medieval sorcery. Grouchy Smurf, Papa Smurf, and Clumsy Smurf seem to be peering over a curb, right in front of one of the most iconic spots in New York City. It’s kind of like Enchanted, but bluer.

We will see some of the Smurfs magical village. According to USA Today where the image debuted, in the opening scene Gargamel attacks the Smurfs village and scatters them into the woods. Clumsy Smurf stumbles into a forbidden grotto, the other blue critters follow, and because it’s a blue moon (once in a blue moon, get it?) there’s a magical portal which whisks them into Central Park.

Along with jettisoning the mushroom huts, the movie will dispense with Gargamel’s Smurf-eating obsession. Makes sense, I doubt they’d taste good. Here’s the image, we’ll update with a high-res version as soon as we can get our hands on one. Maybe Papa Smurf will seem less creepy in HD.