The last sale of the Sundance Film Festival got in just under the wire on Sunday night, as Katie Aselton's The Freebie sold to Phase 4 FIlms, which plans to release the film in theaters this summer. The relationship comedy, which comes with a heavy dose of drama, was was one of my favorites of the festival, and follows a thirtysomething married couple (Aselton and Dax Shepard) as they decide to take one night "off" from marriage to see if they can kickstart their relationship.

The Freebie is a very small movie that never had much of a shot as a major, Little Miss Sunshine-style breakout, so it makes sense as a project for a new distributor like Phase 4. Movie City News has a good breakdown of exactly what the company is--the attempt of DVD distributor Peace Arch to get into theatrical distribution-- and what their appearance means for the still-struggling independent film business. Phase 4's potential success with The Freebie could mean a lot of good things for a lot of filmmakers, and moviegoers would be rewarded with a tender and truthful film. If The Freebie wins, everyone does. But hey, no pressure or anything.

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