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Every now and then today someone has popped up in my Twitter feed to remind me that today is a truly excellent anniversary. It's been ten years to the day since Wet Hot American Summer was released in theaters, only to land with a thud-- it made just $295,000 in its theatrical release. But bad movies that flop don't get anniversary celebrations, and Wet Hot American Summer may be the ultimate example of a cult movie that only builds its audience over time. When it hit theaters 10 years ago I was a savvy enough movie fan to read in Entertainment Weekly that it was one of the best movies of the summer, but I was also living in the kind of small town where it definitely never opened theatrically. It took me until about three years later, when several of my college friends were obsessed with it, to finally watch the movie, and it wasn't long after that I was wearing knee socks to a special screening in a nearby town and editing a home movie to the tune of "Higher and Higher."

Wet Hot American Summer is best watched with a group of friends who will laugh at pretty much anything, but once you've seen it you can revisit it endlessly on your own-- almost the entire movie is available in various clips on YouTube, so you don't even have to skip ahead to your favorite part. Feel free to share your favorite scenes below; now, if you don't mind, I have some unfinished business to attend to.