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The world of entertainment seems to be facing a seismic shift at the moment. Following the myriad allegations of sexual misconduct made against producer Harvey Weinstein, the floodgates opened. Since then, we've seen quite a number of powerful men accused of varying degrees of sexual harassment and/or assault, with careers instantly ending in the process. But Weinstein's own accusers seem to be at the center of it all, especially actress/activist Rose McGowan. McGowan has maintained that Weinstein assaulted her years ago, and she's been a staunch opponent of this type of behavior through social media, her book Brave, and her E! docuseries Citizen Rose. The first episode aired months ago, with the rest of the season set to arrive this spring. A new video was jut released promoting Citizen Rose's return to the network, focusing on labels and perception associated with the Charmed star.

Rose McGowan has admittedly lived a colorful life, and the above video certainly proves that. It doesn't feature any footage of the new episodes, but it's a clear indication that Citizen Rose is back, and its star has something to say.

The video is framed like an interesting social experiment paired with current technology. In an open forum in LA, a lone microphone and empty projector screen are visible. From there, the experiment ask those in attendance to respond with a one word reaction to various character descriptions. These include archetypes like a sexual assault survivor, someone banned from social media, and someone raised within a cult pop up. And with each one word reaction, the word itself appears and begins to form some figure onscreen.

The answer eventually make up the appearance of Rose McGowan herself, where it's revealed that all of the descriptions were actually about her. The goal is to prove how unhealthy labels are, and the common misconception that the public may have about the actress and activist. Because while she may be most closely associated with her onscreen appearances in Charmed, Scream, and Grindhouse, a lot has changed since became a public figure.

Rose McGowan alleges that Harvey Weinstein sexual assaulted her in 1997. She's detailed her experience at length in the time since allegations were first made against the movie mogul. McGowan has also maintained that after her eventual confrontation with Weinstein, he blacklisted her-- stopping the actress from being able to work.

Since the allegations were made against Harvey Weinstein, Rose McGowan has been one of the loudest voices in opposite to the producer, as well as a flawed Hollywood system in general. She was also recently arrested for felony drug possession, which she maintains was planted on her by Weinstein's people.

All of these subjects will no doubt be addressed when Citizen Rose return to E! on May 17th. In the meantime, check out our midseason premiere list. Plus our Amazon premiere list and superhero premiere list to ensure you don't miss a single episode.