American: The Bill Hicks Story is finally getting some royal treatment with a worldwide Blu-Ray and DVD Release on June 7th. It seemed like it might never get what it deserved, but after a couple of years of steadily growing buzz, the documentary will be brought to European, Canadian, and American homes through a partnership with BBC Worldwide and Warner Home Video.

If you’re from the UK, I don’t have to tell you this, but if you are from the United States, you may not know that Bill Hicks is The Man. It’s a shame that a person who fought so valiantly to change the world through comedy was never even a blip on the radar of many Americans. We should be thanking the devoted UK fan base for the five hours of special features we’ll be getting with the release. This will include exclusive access to some of Bill Hicks' audio journals and unseen performance footage. The complete list follows:

  • Thirty minutes of unseen performance footage and rare clips
  • Three hours of extended interviews
  • Bill’s personal audio journals
  • Trailers & audience reactions
  • Deleted and alternate scenes
  • 1.5 hours of featurettes:
    • Bill’s family visits Abbey Road
    • Dominion Theatre tour
    • 15th anniversary tribute
    • Q&A panel in Austin with Bill’s friends
    • Comedy School
    • Dwight in London
    • Festivals in UK/USA with the Hicks
    • The Ranch
    • The Making of Arizona Bay
The Blu-Ray and DVD release is gratifying for its extensive special features, and is a must-purchase for Bill Hicks fans. If you are just looking to check out The Man and look into his ideas, you don’t have to wait. American: The Bill Hicks Story received a simultaneous small theatrical/On Demand release a few weeks ago. I can almost guarantee you’ll want to purchase American: The Bill Hicks Story in June. You’d have to suck not to.

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