Get Your Ass To Mars With Total Recall 2070 On DVD

Update: We've added the box art below.

Total Recall is one of my great guilty-pleasure movies of all time. There's all the usual Ahnuld silliness mixed in with eclectic oddities such as passive-aggressive robot cab drivers and psychic Siamese twins. But it's also got a brilliantly twisty-turny plot involving alternate identities, double-crosses, and ancient Martian technology. That the same movie can address a genuinely compelling question of whether you would reject a real-seeming fantasy for a more mundane reality, and then feature Arnold's eyes standing out on stalks as he decompresses on the surface of Mars...that's an achievement to be celebrated. Preferably with liquor and a roomful of rowdy friends.

Despite my love for Martian Verhoven-y goodness, I never saw a single episode of Total Recall 2070. That's not terribly surprising, since the pseudo spin-off arrived nearly a full decade after the film's 1990 release and by all accounts has more in common with Blade Runner than it does with either the Schwarzenegger movie or Philip K. Dick's short story, "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale." The show only ran a single season, and while a few episodes have been released on DVD previously, it's never been put out in full. That will soon change, because Alliance Films Media has announced a February 22nd release date for Total Recall 2070: The Complete Season -- which is also, obviously, the complete series. Why they didn't just call it that is anybody's guess.

The show is currently only being released in Canada, but since Canada is also Region 1, the DVDs will be playable on American players. If you're a fan of the show, you can pre-order (and import, if necessary) the set via Amazon Canada right here. It lists for $25.00 Canadian, but is currently discounted to $17.99. You can work out the monetary conversion on your own.