Exclusive Red 2 Clip Offers Mary-Louise Parker's Take On Why Old Spies Are Hilarious

Red 2 is finally heading into homes next Tuesday, but before Summit Entertainment’s big release makes it on to Blu-ray and DVD, we have an exclusive clip from the Red 2 press day featuring Mary-Louise Parker. In the clip, she’s discussing why audiences who might normally never gravitate to action flicks might actually take a liking to the second film in the Red franchise. It has to do with the silliness of a group of older individuals taking on spy tasks that are normally reserved for rather fit young people.

Red 2’s basic premise gets some of the gang back together from Red to tackle a new mystery surrounding a secret operation from the past nicknamed Nightshade. On the way, Frank (Bruce Willis), Frank’s new gal pal Sarah (Parker), and Moses (John Malkovich) interact with a few people from the past flick, including contract killer Victoria (Helen Mirren). Additionally, characters played by Anthony Hopkins and Catherin Zeta-Jones pop up, as well. You can see some of the guffaw-worthy jokes from the sequel in the trailer.

The flick will be hitting Blu-ray, DVD, VOD, and Pay-Per-View on November 26, although the sets won’t come with too many extras. For instance, DVD copies will only sport a gag reel and deleted scenes. You can check out the full list of extras, here. The sets themselves also run a little more on the expensive side, with Blu-ray copies retailing at $39.99 and DVD copies giving purchasers a little financial relief, listing at only $29.95. The best news is that Amazon already has the sets available for pre-order at a far reduced price.

If you don’t want to wait to catch the humorous spy flick, the movie was already made available to view via some Digital retailers. It’s been around since November 12, so if you are looking for something to watch and don’t want to brave the crowded theaters to see Thor: The Dark World or The Hunger Games: Catching Fire this weekend, it should be a nice stay-in movie. You can check out the box art for the flick, below.

Red 2 Box

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