Wes Anderson’s most recent endeavor, Moonrise Kingdom, seems to be in no rush to hurry out of theaters. The film was originally released in the largest markets in May and has been slowly trickling through other venues across the country ever since. Because the theater a block and a half from my apartment is still playing that sucker four times a day, I was a little surprised to already be hearing about a Blu-ray release, but apparently Universal Studios Home Entertainment feels it is time.

Moonrise Kingdom will be released on Blu-ray, DVD, and On Demand on October 16, which means if you have not been able to catch the flick in theaters, you will have time to pick it up for home viewing extremely soon. Anderson’s eighth feature film endeavor follows Sam and Suzy, a 1960’s troop scout and his 12-year-old love, as they attempt to run away from their respective island residences. Unfortunately, a major storm is brewing, and as a bad haircut-sporting Bruce Willis searches for the two kids, time seems to be running out.

Unfortunately, Moonrise Kingdom won’t get the Criterion Collection release right off the bat that nearly all of Anderson’s other films have been privy to. Which means we likely won’t get any cool original artwork or extra special bonus features with the set. Both Blu-ray and DVD copies will, however, come with three featurettes, including a set tour with cast member Bill Murray, a pseudo documentary about the island filmed with narrator Bob Balaban, and a “Making of” segment. I remain hopeful for a later Criterion release, but this set doesn't look half bad, either.

Moonrise Kingdom Blu-Ray and DVD Extras
  • “A Look Inside Moonrise Kingdom
  • “Welcome to the Island of New Penzance”
  • Set Tour With Bill Murray

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