Hot on the heels of the release of the first four minutes of the film, Summit has given us a few more stills from Warm Bodies, Jonathan Levine's feature adaptation of Isaac Marion's zombie novel. Set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, Warm Bodies stars Nicholas Hoult as R, a zombie who falls for a living girl named Julie (Teresa Palmer.

It's an unlikely romance, but the the novel approaches it with humor, and from what we've seen in the trailers and the the four minute intro, it seems Levine has taken a similar strategy with the film.

The photos ahead give us a look at Hoult as zombie R. The images themselves aren't particularly spoilery, unless you know what to look for, but I do mention some spoilers in the text that follows (particularly on page 2 of this article), so if you haven't read the book yet, read on with caution.

In this photo, it looks like Julie's walking with R and his fellow zombie M (Rob Corddry) at the airport (judging by the overturned luggage carts that can be seen).


And what better way to pass the time an airplane than with some hand-slapping fun?

Somehow, I can't imagine R's very good at any game that involves reflexes.

Unsurprisingly, R seems to have taken an interest in Julie's heart.

Two more pictures after the jump!

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