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Sausage Party was one of the surprise hits of the summer even though it was up against major blockbuster films. Now that the film is being released digitally it's taking on an even larger, and scarier, opponent, the election. While the phrase "Sausage party" holds a somewhat different connotation, generally speaking, a new series of ads is dedicated to the idea that the Sausage Party is a political party that you should support, because it makes more sense than anything else going on in politics.

Frank probably share a lot of the same opinions as many Americans. Peace in the Middle East is something we'd all like to see and family values are important to many people. Legalization is probably a bit more divisive, but let's face it, if you're not in favor of it, you're almost certainly not a Seth Rogen fan. Pot jokes are pretty much his stock in trade.

There's more where that came from, however. Sausage Party takes a specific shot at this year's Presidential Election. In fact, they call out one of the candidates specifically. Although, at the same time, considering how unpopular both candidates are in opinion polls, we're not entirely sure which one they're referring to.

While Sausage Party was never number one at the box office when it was released last August. Its opening was significantly better than expected and it was able to maintain a solid second place behind Suicide Squad for two consecutive weeks. With a budget of only $19 million, Sausage Party is actually one of the most profitable movies of the year. Although it should be said, some controversy has surfaced regarding how the studio was forced to work in order to produce the film on the remarkably small budget.

While 2016 has been a great year for animated films, Sausage Party breaks the mold by being a movie that is absolutely not for kids. The story follows a collection of supermarket groceries that believe that being chosen by people at the store is akin to entering heaven, only to discover the awful, violent truth when they get home. The film received criticism for its use of stereotypes, though some believed that that aspect of the film was used to great effect in order to draw attention to the problems of stereotyping in the first place.

There's one more spot that's worth seeing as well if you'd like to join the Sausage Party. Click over to check it out.

Sausage Party is available for digital viewing now and will hit Blu-Ray, fittingly, on Election Day, November 8.

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