It’s taken awhile for Warner Bros. to get its Smurfs’ shit together. Back in 2008, the company tried releasing the first season of Smurfs in roughly 20-episode volumes for twenty bucks. More information from Rafe, here. Apparently these expenditures were unsuccessful with most audiences, and so Warner Home Entertainment began producing 5-episode mini discs from Season 2, to cut back on prices.

This made the purchase of Smurfs products easier on the wallet; however, it does mean the episodes aren’t going out in any sort of order. Which leads us to our newest Smurfs release—a 2 DVD set with 10 episodes and special features for $19.97 hitting the mark on July 19. This release seems to be a mash-up of the ideas for the original release and those that came after, with added special features like “Smurf Speak” and “Smurftastic Moments” meant to suck you in. The hope is probably people will run out and grab The Smurfs Volume 4: A Magical Smurf Adventure before they head to the new animated adventure The Smurfs, coming to theaters on July 29.

Honestly, if you’ve seen one episode of Smurfs, you’ve seen them all. So if you want to get your Smurfs-watching in sooner rather than later, you can always get several discs online, here. Any of the already available releases can also be streamed on Netflix, so you have a pick of poisons to suck you in.

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