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I’m not certain whether Rock of Ages boasts a better cast or a more impressive soundtrack. The Broadway hit-turned-film mixes Journey with Twisted Sister and Paul Giamatti with Bryan Cranston, making for a whole lot of leather-clad theatrical fun. Next month, fans will get to relive some of the best musical moments in their homes.

Rock of Ages will be released on both Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download on October 9. Adam Shankman’s 80s tale of two young people trying to make it in Hollywood is pretty well supplemented by its musical track and excellent ensemble cast (which also boasts Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Russell Brand, and Malin Akerman, among others). However, Warner Bros. really seems to want to make the set pop with a slew of featurettes speaking to the fashion, music, and other icons of the 1980s in Los Angeles. Well, as long as you spring for the Blu-ray.

The main extra with the Blu-ray set is the extended cut of the film, which will feature an extra 13 minutes of footage, although I’m guessing nothing particularly racy will be part of the additional scenes. They’ve gotta stick to that PG-13 rating. Additionally, the set will have a segment called “So it Started in a Bar” that discusses the creation of the stage musical that led to the film. It’s always great when movies pay homage to the books or plays the screen adaptations come from, and the Rock of Ages set looks like it will have all the bells and whistles.

Rock of Ages Blu-ray Special Features
  • Extended cut (+13m of footage)
  • “Legends of The Sunset Strip”
  • “Defining a Decade”
  • ”The '80s Look”
  • “It’s All About The Moves”
  • “The Sunset Strip”
  • Raising the Bar – a look at the Sunset Strip
  • “Connection to the Music”
  • “So It Started In A Bar “Any Way You Want It” – music featurette

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