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Snow White and the Huntsman hit Blu-ray and DVD yesterday in a jam-packed release that looks in-depth at the fairytale that spawned the revision, as well as has bonus features looking behind-the-scenes at the set, the cast, and the crew. To celebrate this week’s release, Universal Studios Home Entertainment has a special infographic to share with fans to help them survive, should they ever find themselves with a wicked stepmother or halfway up a beanstalk.

In the fairytale world, lions, tigers, and bears are not the evils the 'good' characters are usually worried about. Instead, our heroes and heroines are often forced to deal with hazards stemming from scary forests to evil witches, and sometimes even the normally mundane spinning wheel. The “7 Deadliest Mistakes Made In Fairy Tales” infographic will help us to avoid those hazards, as well as to keep an eye out for them in the fairy tale revision stories to come. This also makes me wonder if the already-ordered Snow White and The Huntsman sequel will integrate characters from other tales and create a film that is more of a mash-up next time around? Either way, it’s a pretty fun infographic to trace.

If you are still deciding whether or not to buy the Snow White and the Huntsman Blu-ray set, you can check out our earlier clip, which follows lead actress Kristen Stewart’s big plunge into frigid waters. Or, just take a look at our full list of special features.

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