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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel will be hitting Blu-ray and DVD on September 18. To celebrate next week’s release, Twentieth Century Home Entertainment has released a couple of clips from some of the set’s featurettes for the fans’ viewing pleasure. So if you are in to the dramatic setting, or the British wit of the cast in the film, you should check out the below clips.

In the first clip, Director John Madden looks at the actors he cast in the film and what skill sets actors ranging from Bill Nighy, to Judi Dench, to Dev Patel could bring to the table. When Patel shows up onscreen, you can tell he’s a little starstruck, but in a good way. Interestingly, all of the veterans have some nice things to say about Patel, as well.

The second clip features a lot of gushing about the cultural and landscape in India where the film shot. Interestingly, Nighy notes that none of the British members of the cast had ever actually spent time in India before and they all had mixed feelings about the experience.

The cast and India segments are only two of several bonus features coming up with The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’s set. So, if you did enjoy the charming movie, it may well be worth a purchase, if you can cough up the $29.98 DVD or $39.98 Blu-ray cost.

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