I thought Rachel LeFevre was going places back in the day when I’d watch Big Wolf on Campus with my babysitting charges. She had the same sort of I’m-better-than-this appeal that Ryan Gosling had when he was Young Hercules. Unfortunately, it took Hollywood a while longer to catch on. Luckily, they did when LeFevre won the role of Victoria in the Twilight series. This then led her to a part in last year’s Barney’s Version, a film which stars Paul Giamatti as a man who works through several marriages before finding the love of his life.

If you haven’t seen LeFevre in action yet, you’ll be able to catch Barney’s Version when it comes to Blu-Ray on June 28th. While a DVD will come with the release, at $38.96, the cost is all Blu-Ray. Special features will include commentary with director Richard J. Lewis, writer Michael Conyves, and producer Robert Lantos. Buyers will also get three featurettes, including one with behind-the-scenes footage, and a Q&A with Paul Giamatti and Annette Insdorf. If this isn’t enough to convince you, just look at that ‘stache on Dustin Hoffman. How could you not be on board?

Even if you aren’t interested in Barney’s Version, keeping track of how sales go for the film could be interesting. Barney’s Version is one of the first films we've seen that will strictly go for a Blu-Ray release. It will only be so long before Blu-Rays are the standard. If you haven’t already, it’s looking like a good time to convert.

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