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I like Borderlands; I love what Gearbox is doing with it and the huge prospects it holds for what the shooter genre could become based on what this game is aiming to achieve. So when Gearbox released Episode 1 of the “Making of…” for Borderlands, who would have thought we would have received no info whatsoever because of a Christian Bale outburst from a one-wheeled robot?

So everything starts off fine and dandy in the video but then the sound guy in the “behind-the-scenes” developer documentary decides to act all douchy and whatnot and then the robot giving gamers the guided tour through Borderlands goes off on a Christian Bale-like verbal rampage. Good to know that Bale’s outburst has transcended the simple confines of viral video websites and managed to find its way into video game dev docs, too.

Anyway, the robot doesn’t get to finish one important piece of information about the game, but Borderlands features more than just a near innumerable amount of weapons generated from a “Gun Manufacturer” matrix. It also features environments and enemies that have multi-various designs, attributes and looks based on the same matrix of the weapons and items.

You can check out Episode 1 below or our Borderlands Blend Coverage that details nearly every aspect of the game for more info. For more gaming news, updates, info and insight be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games

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