Turn up the heat. It sounds like the Hot Tub Time Machine sequel might be bubbling into theaters earlier than expected.

Collider reports that Hot Tub Time Machine 2 could be in theaters as soon as March 2014, though there will be some changes. John Cusack is out. Parks & Recreation co-star Adam Scott will step into his place, playing the older son of Cusack’s character from the first movie. And it was Scott who spilled the beans about the possible early release date, mentioning to Collider while promoting his latest comedy A.C.O.D. that, “I think Hot Tub comes out in the spring.”

To which Time Machine 2 co-star Clark Duke added, “In March.”

So, not exactly a press release from the studio, but enough of a promising lead for us to at least move this comedic sequel onto your radar. After all, Time Machine 2 went into production in June, giving it more than enough time to wrap shooting and edit for a March 2014 release. And at the moment, the only major movies on the release schedule for that month are Divergent, Muppets Most Wanted, Darren Aronofsky’s Noah and Aaron Paul’s Need for Speed. There are a few other comedies circling that frame. A Haunted House 2 is a horror comedy down for March 28. Walk of Shame is a romantic comedy plugged into March 14. Hot Tub could drop into that frame and devour all the comedic attention, especially if it lives up to the hype of the original.

Speaking of, almost everyone outside of Cusack who went along for the time-tripping ride in the first movie will be back for Time Machine 2. Duke and Scott will be joined by Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Chevy Chase. In the first movie, old friends on a skiing trip are transported back to the 1980s, where they are encouraged to correct the mistakes of their past. Ah, I’ll just let the trailer do the talking:

If Chase is back in the fold, we can expect his repairman to send the guys on another journey. Do they go farther back? Do they go forward? Believe it or not, there are a lot of different places the crude comedy can go in a sequel, and I really hope the creative team involved does something unique, different and original … and doesn’t just recycle the same jokes with the same players from the first movie. Cusack’s absence has me a little worried. Did he not like the script? Why would everyone BUT him come back? I like Scott. He’s a fine replacement. But I hope Hot Tub elevates the franchise, instead of reheating the past.

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