These Spring Breakers Bikini Posters Aren't Afraid To Flaunt Skin

In theory, Spring Breakers could possibly be the most “out there” release of the year, and it’s still the beginning of February. Anything coming from the dark and dangerous mind of Harmony Korine is bound to turn heads while turning some away in the process. To have written such polarizing films such as Kids, Julien Donkey-Boy, and most recently Trash Humpers, Korine has one of the most singularly distinct imaginations in cinema. Spring Breakers is his most conventionally-conceived film to date, and boasts a bevy of stars stepping outside of their comfort zone for their roles.

These controversial characters are the subjects of a bunch of new French theatrical posters, courtesy of French website Ecranlarge. Take a look...

Everybody is mostly dressed the same as they were in the other posters, but each character gets their own shot at trying to look hot. Whatever your own opinion of young actresses Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine, you can be sure a shit ton of dudes are going to be gawking at this flick for days, as the nudity and debauchery are supposed to run rampant throughout the film. Personally, I’m more invested in James Franco going straight gangster.

The French website also displayed another poster and a few new production photo stills, more often than not showcasing bikinis, but the picture of the girls in pink holding guns, well, it just does it for me, for some reason.

Just in case this looks like a bunch of smut to you, there’s also a story behind Spring Breakers, which has the four leading ladies landing in jail following a failed robbery meant to fund their spring break vacation. They’re bailed out by Franco’s drug and arms dealer who needs them to do some dirty work in order to repay him and make some money of their own. They were only trying to have a good spring break, guys!

Spring Breakers opens on March 22, 2013 after premiering at SXSW earlier in the month.

Nick Venable
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