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Superman And Lois Lane Stand Majestically For Total Film's Man Of Steel Cover

For some films, especially ones veiled in secrecy, any early images released are like the aromas wafting from a good meal, hopefully hinting at the excitement to come. However, for films with iconic characters that we’ve seen a billion times, such as Superman, those first images need to do something other than just stand there and look majestic. Of course, for someone as theoretically powerful as Superman is, maybe that’s supposed to be enough.

The fantastic British magazine Total Film revealed the cover for their May 2013 issue, which showcases Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill and Amy Adams as Supes and Lois Lane, standing there stoically, looking towards something off in the foreground. Aren’t people supposed to be looking up towards Superman? The duo admittedly looks ready for action, but without any other point of focus, it’s an underwhelming image. Especially considering the cover quote, “It’s time for a change.” Take a look at the newsstand and exclusive subscription covers below, and see if you agree.

This image, if nothing else, inspires the creation of a Superman outfit made completely out of bubble wrap, complete with a floor-to-ceiling curtain attached to the back, which is what all this looks like. To be expected, Lois is just wearing normal work clothes, but it feeds into the “show me some action” feeling that standstill pictures like this provoke. Perhaps this abject pessimism is inspired by the dashed expectations preceding Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns or just the “peeking through fingers” anticipation for Zack Snyder’s involvement. For an issue promoting the “100 Greatest Heroes and Villains Ever!” something more heroic than standing around should have been presented. Hulk would have smashed. I’m just saying…

Final opinions will be made when Man of Steel goes nationwide on June 14, 2013. Visit the film's page at the Blend Film Database for more info and to view the trailer.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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