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Fans of the horror genre will know that we're in a bit of a renaissance for the genre. Rather than stale franchises and standard slasher flicks, directors are crafting complicated psychological films that keep the audience at a delicious state of unease. But with the trend of nostalgia proving very profitable, many classic properties are looking to get back into the game and compete with the likes of Blumhouse and James Wan. Case in point: Jigsaw, which will the be latest installment of the torture porn Saw franchise. And while details regarding the sequel's plot are being kept under wraps, a new creepy poster was just released that features one of the more iconic images from the long running franchise. Check it out.

Prepare to sleep with the lights on, because the horrifying pig mask is back again. And just when I had blocked out the memories of that creature appearing to kidnap new victims.

While it's been seven years since the last Saw film, it looks like the franchise isn't going to be straying too far from its comfort zone. The most iconic and classic aspects of the Saw films will be present in Jigsaw, including the pig mask and the clown puppet. Even actor Tobin Bell will be reprising his role as Jon Kramer/Jigsaw, despite the character's death way back in the third film. It's unclear what plot devices will be used to keep Jon in the narrative, although smart money says we'll be subject to a flashback or two during the film's runtime.

Plot details for Jigsaw are few and far between, but here's what we do know. The film, which will arrive perfectly in time for this coming Halloween season, is set ten years after Jon Kramer's death. When bodies begin piling up after victims fail "tests" that fit Jigsaw's MO, it looks like there is either another apprentice or a copycat on our hands. Unfortunately, that's about all we know.

It should be interesting to see how and if Jigsaw acknowledges the mythos of the previous seven Saw films. Because while the plots are convoluted and require the use of extensive recaps during each movies' runtime, there is a connective tissue that tied togther the plot of the films. You just have to look hard enough. But with none of the original actors reprising their roles other than Tobin Bell, Jigsaw may be starting new.

The ending of Saw: The Final Chapter (which obviously is anything but), saw Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes) finally return after this appearance in the very first Saw film. The final moments of movie revealed that Gordon was Jigsaw's third protegee, and that he'd been participating in the events of all of the movies. He (and his two or so helpers who wore the pig masks) catch Detective Hoffman, punishing him for his actions against Jigsaw's legacy, and the murder of Jon's ex-wife Jill. Trapping Hoffman in the basement from the first movie, he declares "game over" and leaves Hoffman to his death.

Perhaps Lawrence Gordon's associates will make way for the plot of Jigsaw, as there were clearly a few other folks who were involved in the deadly games. Alas, we'll have to wait. But one thing is for sure: the pig mask is back.

Jigsaw will arrive in theaters on October 27, 2017. In the meantime, check out our 2017 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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