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Women in Trouble seems to be one of those ensemble movies in which there are a bunch of characters who don't necessarily know each other, but have something in common as they go about their lives. But their ace in the hole is obviously Carla Gugino, the Watchmen star who plays a porn star named Electra Luxx.

So while the film doesn't have a set release date, and as an indie is probably destined for a small release, they've given it all they've got in the first poster. Film School Rejects, who are big fans of the film, got their hands on the poster, which you can see below or in a larger size over there. With its mish-mash of fonts and bright colors it suggests something retro, but Gugino's come-hither gaze suggests one thing only. The Rejects guys wrote in their review that it's one of the rare comedies that actually lets its women be real characters, but with this poster at least, it's evident that the men are welcome to see it as well.

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