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Zachary Levi as Shazam!

Most comic book movie fans probably have their eyes on Captain Marvel or they're looking even further ahead to Marvel's big blow out event, Avengers: Endgame which will bring many MCU stories to a close. However, stuck in between those two clearly major releases, DC will drop it's own big spring superhero movie, Shazam! While the more comedic superhero movie isn't looking to do the numbers that Marvel Studios will be putting up this year, early box office projections indicate Shazam! will likely do ok for itself, putting up an opening weekend of around $50 million.

The exact number that's being projected by BoxOfficePro is a $48 million opening weekend, though that number is up from a $40 million estimate a few weeks ago, so the Shazam! numbers are climbing, which is to be expected as we get closer to release. The $48 million number is also a low end estimate, so it's just as likely the film could end up doing $60 million or more on opening weekend.

Now, for comparisons sake, Captain Marvel is looking at an opening weekend closer to $160 million so Shazam! isn't going to be battling the other Captain Marvel all that much at the box office, but on it's own Shazam! still looks to be doing some solid business.

Shazam!'s only significant opening weekend competition will come from the remake of Pet Sematary. It seems unlikely either of the films will significantly cannibalize each other as the audiences for Stephen King horror and a comedic superhero movie aren't necessarily the same. Shazam! is expected to win the weekend.

While the DC film universe was known in its early days for taking a very serious approach to its comic book characters, the franchise has found success with more lighthearted takes as well. Aquaman has become the most successful DC movie to date, and it certainly wasn't afraid to be funny.

Having said that, Shazam! will take things to yet another level of humor. The entire premise, that a teenage boy transforms into an adult superhero, is inherently funny, and the film is leaning into that. While there will surely be no shortage of superhero action, this film will certainly be a true comedy as well.

It will be interesting to see how audiences respond to Shazam! when it hits theaters. It's the sort of film that could very easily come up short at the box office if superhero movie fans don't embrace it the way they have previous films because of its differences. However, it's uniqueness could also be a strength, drawing in those that don't necessarily love superhero movies in general. While box office estimates are usually pretty close to the mark, every once in a while they end up being a surprise to everybody.

We'll find out which it is when Shazam! hits theaters on April 5.