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Favorite homegrown actress Reese Witherspoon has not had the best of luck picking winners in the romantic comedy genre for the last few years. Sure, every once in a while a person gets a script that despite being cheesily romantic wins the heart of women everywhere, but more often than not you get How Do You Know or better yet Four Christmases. Her latest is This Means War, an over-the-top McG enterprise which follows two CIA agents, played by Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, competing for Witherspoon’s affections. If you are down with this sort of tomfoolery, copies of the flick are coming fairly soon.

This Means War drops on May 22 and will be available in a Blu-Ray combo pack or as a DVD. The best news about this is the professed alternate endings that McG thought about pursuing in the theatrical release will show up in the Blu-Ray special features section. What would have been terrible as a marketing tool to get people to see the flick twice should work great as a couple of extras on the disc. Other than the two alternate endings –which will both come with commentary from the director – several other extras will be present with the disc.

It’s seems this movie could have gone in multiple directions, which is really no surprise since it tries to splice a comedy with a romance and various action-based side plots. Beside the alternate endings, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is including an alternate opening sequence as well as six deleted scenes on the disc. Rounding out the special features will be McG’s audio commentary, a gag reel, and a featurette called “Bachelorette Party.” If you liked the haphazard nature of the film, the disc does seem to have some good stuff going for it, even if the idea is a total steal outta Clue.

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