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Oliver Stone’s Savages Blu-ray release is just around the corner. The drug-oriented flick, which follows two dudes taking on a cartel, will hit Blu-ray on Tuesday, November 13. The set will come with plenty of bonus features, and to celebrate the big release, Universal Studios Home Entertainment has extended us an exclusive bonus clip to share with fans.

In “Car Stunt,” Taylor Kitsch talks about training and being pumped to get shot onscreen for the first time during a day of shooting that also features a pretty wild car explosion. It’s weird that the actor has been around for a while and hasn’t dealt with getting a gun pointed at him at any point; then again, Friday Nights Lights and John Carter didn’t feature all that much modern weaponry (Although, how he avoided this in Battleship remains a script mystery). The actual car stunts are pretty impressive. The average person never thinks about the stunt men who may be inside when onscreen car accidents are staged and fire may be present.

The set will feature multiple commentaries, deleted scenes, and “Stone Cold Savages,” a five-part documentary taking a look at the behind-the-scenes achievements the cast and crew worked towards from the spark of an idea to the film’s fruition. “Car Stunt” may not have been one of the biggest or hardest moments in the entire making of the flick, but as a general rule, it’s usually pretty exciting when people blow things up. You can check out the cover art for the release, below.

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