Horrible Bosses Posters Set Up The Film's Key Conflicts

While last year was remarkably underwhelming in terms of blockbuster summer comedies, this year is doing its very best to try and make up for it. This past weekend saw the release of the ridiculously funny Bridesmaids, and next week audiences will get to see the return of the wolfpack in The Hangover Part II. But it doesn't end there: we still have Horrible Bosses set to come out in July.

Following the trailer that was posted last week, Empire has released four new posters for the Seth Gordon-directed comedy. One simply brings all of the stars together, but the three others set up the main conflicts of the film, namely Jason Bateman vs. Kevin Spacey, Jason Sudeikis vs. Colin Farrell and Charlie Day vs. Jennifer Aniston. Sure, they aren't the most inventive posters you'll see this year, but they get the job done.

Check out two of of the posters below and head over to Empire to see the others.

Eric Eisenberg
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