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While the 6th film in the Fast and The Furious franchise is gearing up for high-paced adventure, the fifth installation, Fast Five, is preparing for a DVD and Blu-Ray release. Fast Five will come chock full of special features, but unfortunately there will be quite a lag before the home release sees the light of day. This is because Universal Home Entertainment is using the wildly popular action film as a means to springboard a brand new Blu-Ray app the company is calling “Second Screen.”

Fast Five will eventually hit Blu-Ray and DVD on October 4. Purchasing the DVD or Blu-Ray will yield the same basic features, including biopics on Brian O’Connor and Dom’s characters, a gag reel, deleted scenes, commentary from director Justin Lin, and an “Enter Federal Agent Hobbs” featurette. Both releases will come as combo packs, with a digital copy, as well. However, the similarities end here. That’s because the Blu-Ray combo pack will come with an extended edition of the film, and that app I keep alluding to.

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet been able to check out the elusive second screen app, so I’m barely more out of the dark than you are. Basically Universal’s “Second Screen” will use electronic portable devices to bring you extra Blu-Ray features and interactive elements. The concept uses an updated version of pocket Blu to achieve this, so I don’t really understand how it is a separate entity, but either way it will allow viewers to check out interactive features on tablet PCs and the like. You can check out more information on second screen, here or check out the list of second screen extras, below.

Pocket Blu “Second Screen” extras
• Take Control 2.0
• Virtual Car Garage
• Scene Explorer
• Picture in Picture
• The Music of Fast Five

Fast Five was really entertaining and would be an amusing addition to my Blu-Ray collection. Universal just needs to make sure the October release has enough bells and whistles to make up for such a late release.