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The days when we were privy to Channing Tatum’s swift body and supreme dance moves in the Step Up franchise may be long over, but that doesn’t mean the series of films is ready to bow out. The franchise’s most recent endeavor, Step Up Revolution, beat the beat in theaters this summer, and now it will get a pretty extensive at-home release. The film is getting a 3D Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download release that will be chalk full of bonus features on November 27.

Step Up Revolution is more about the dancing than the plot, which is why getting So You Think You Can Dance’s Kathryn McCormick on board was a pretty big boon to the film. Her love interest is former MMA fighter and new actor Ryan Guzman, who teaches her a brand new style of flash mob-oriented street dancing in Miami. All in all, the two have more muscle than acting chops, but again, if you are buying the movie for its plot, you are missing the part that really makes the film unique.

Because the dancing scenes are so important, most of the special features on the disc will be devoted to the music and the choreography. Summit Entertainment has put together a pretty nice 3D set for the flick, featuring over two hours of extras, including music videos from J-Lo and Timbaland. Unfortunately, if you are wanting to go Blu with this one and not pay the extra cost for a 3D option, you may be up the creek without a paddle. Good thing there’s always the DVD set.

Step Up Revolution Blu-ray and DVD Bonus Features
  • Audio commentary with director Scott Speer, choreographer Jamal Sims and cast members Kathryn McCormick and Ryan Guzman
  • "Becoming A Star" featurette
  • "Choreography" featurette
  • "Dancing On Their Own" featurette
  • "Making The Mob" featurette
  • "Goin' In" by J Lo featuring Flo Rida & Lil Jon music video
  • "Hands In The Air" by Timbaland featuring Ne-Yo music video
  • Flash Mob Index
  • Deleted Scenes

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