I hate to admit it, but despite the presence of Elizabeth Shue and Jennifer Lawrence, I had fairly low expectations for The House at the End of the Street, a story that features the two actresses playing a mother/daughter duo who moves in next to a house with a violent past. However, the thriller is actually a creepy affair with a few really good performances. If you missed The House at the End of the Street, you’ll be able to catch the flick when it hits Blu-ray and DVD on January 8.

It’s a little surprising Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment would not try to market the Blu-ray and DVD release a little earlier to try and capitalize on the holiday rush. At least, it’s a little surprising until you get to the actual set, which will be pretty barebones. In fact the set is so lacking in extras, the studio tried to beef it up a little bit by noting an “American Horror Story TV Spot” and the “Stoker” theatrical trailer will come as part of the release. Don’t be fooled; these are not extras--they are commercial previews.

Fans who do spring for the Blu-ray will get one featurette, called “Journey Into Terror: Inside The House at the End of the Street,” and the set will be available in a combo pack with a DVD and digital copy accompanying it. Otherwise, fans will only get the unrated version of the film, and some pretty decent cover art. Forget about the featurette if you plan to own it on DVD.

Clearly, this set has really been put together for the people who are itching to catch the movie. If you aren’t one of those, this may be one release to avoid.

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