Photo Of Noah Wyle On The Set Of Falling Skies For Season 2

By Kelly West 5 years ago discussion comments
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Things are back up and running for TNTís Falling Skies. The network announced that production for Season 2 got underway this week, and they were kind enough to release a photo of Noah Wyle on set and ready for action. Unsurprisingly, Season 2ís Tom Mason looks just as weathered as the first seasonís version of the character did.

Falling Skies is a drama series that takes place after an alien invasion. Wyle plays Tom Mason, a father and former history professor who is now using his extensive knowledge of military history to help the human resistance against the aliens. Season 1 aired this summer and the seriesí second season is set to premiere during Summer 2012.

Below is a photo of Noah Wyle in costume and looking as bearded, run-down and tired as he always does, given that his character rarely seems to get a momentís rest or peace. He also has a bit of blood on his forehead...

TNT says some of the cast members are tweeting about the production. Theyíre using the hashtag #tntBackOnTheSet..
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